Hi UniCAVE community,

We have finally released a version of UniCAVE that supports the latter versions of Unity 2018. The new version has been tested on Unity 2018.3. Along with this, we have refactored some of the general structure of display prefabs and some of the code, to hopefully make it even easier to support the varying numbers of non-HMD VR display systems out there. Those familiar with the prior setups should be able to convert pretty easily, but we will be posting some additional documentation and guides shortly.

In addition, some new example scenes have been added to the UniCAVE_Examples repository, including a 360 video player example.

Those not ready / wanting to use the newer 2018 versions, the prior 2017 version (and 5.5) are still in the repository.

Feel free to e-mail unicave@lists.wisc.edu with any questions / feedback / thoughts.

Next up, we plan to add UniCAVE to the Unity asset store, and (unfortunately), it appears that some of the newer Networking components are already being marked as deprecated, so we will probably begin looking into how to do another networking conversion for when that has to happen. We also have an internal example of warp + blend working that we will aim to generalize and release in a next version. Please let us know of any additional features you could see being beneficial to UniCAVE.


Virtual Environments group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (formerly Living Environments Laboratory)