UniCAVE: A Unity3D Plugin for Non-Head Mounted Virtual Reality Display Systems

The UniCAVE project was created by students and researchers at UW-Madison who are passionate about immersive display environments. The UniCAVE project aims to build a plugin for Unity3D that provides support for CAVE environments utilizing features built into the engine. This approach enables a user to configure their system entirely in the Unity3D editor providing a simplified method for supporting adapting existing Unity projects for distributed visualization platforms.

The concept for the plugin is to have a three step approach for integration:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

This project is currently under development and is a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute to this project or read over the documentation to learn if the plugin is right for you.

As the project does not receive any financial support from the campus, federal agency or external corporation all project development and support occurs on an ad hoc basis. If you have a request for features and/or support for the UniCAVE project we ask that you consider donating to the project. All donations will go towards ensuring that the UniCAVE project remains a free, open-source tool for all to use.

Current Features

  • Native Unity3D time synchronization via Unity‚Äôs timeScale feature to distributed synchronization

  • NetworkView RPC calls for synchronizing random seeds and dynamic objects

  • VRPN Unity plugin to handle tracking systems

  • In-editor preview of asymmetric view frustums

Works with:

Operating Systems

Getting Started

Check out these pages for useful documentation on creating your own UniCAVE setup:

UniCAVE Users

UniCAVE users collage